October 7, 2022


and the people who made it

Comments and Questions

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3 thoughts on “Comments and Questions

  1. I’ve read conflicting information over the years about Michele Breton. I know see never made any other films, but is she still alive? Do you have any idea where she has been living?

    1. It is my understanding that she regards her experience there as having been difficult, perhaps even traumatic. It’s easy to see why she might feel that way. She was very young and it certainly must have been hard for her. We know Donald had a thing for young women, so who knows how he interacted with her. I wonder if James Fox has a take on this. We can’t ask Anita anymore, sadly. If you watch some of the clips I’ve linked to of Anita talking, you can see how she characterizes the atmosphere on the set, and how Donald was, in particular. I can absolutely imagine it was hard for Breton. I do not know where she lives, but I do believe she is still alive.

      1. Yes, I’ve seen the clips and the film about the making of Performance. The atmosphere Donald created certainly put a strain on everyone involved. In regards to Michele Breton, I have a number of wild conflicting stories about her life since the film was released, including rumours that she had died recently. Thank you for your response.

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