June 20, 2024


and the people who made it

Deborah Dixon

Deborah Dixon was the “costume consultant” on PERFORMANCE and had been Donald Cammell’s long-time girlfriend.

From the “Beauty will Save” website:

  • ” In the photos of Frank Horvat model Deborah Wood Dixon is accompanied by famous European painters, actors, directors, writers – Marcello Mastroianni, Federico Fellini, playwright Giuseppe Patroni Griffi. She was a real inspiration… for … Scottish director Donald Cammell. Deborah met Donald Cammell in New York. He moved with Deborah to Paris, where she continued to model and where he began to try his hand at writing scripts.”

Cammell and Dixon lived together for several years, and it was Deborah Dixon who introduced Cammell to Anita Pallenberg. Deborah Dixon is listed as “costume consultant” in the film’s credits.

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