July 13, 2024


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John Bindon

 John Bindon the actor, thug, ladies’ man and security roadie for Led Zeppelin, played a gangster in PERFORMANCE.

In 2002, a Carlton Television documentary of John Bindon’s life entitled Real Crime: Starring John Bindon was screened in the UK on ITV. It featured archival footage of Bindon behind the scenes and interviews with Angela Bowie, Vicki Hodge, Billy Murray, George Sewell and James Whitaker

Bindon also featured in the Carlton documentary for ITV, The Secret Life of Princess Margaret, broadcast in 2005. Bindon’s relationship with Princess Margaret was the further the subject of Channel 4‘s documentary The Princess and the Gangster which was broadcast on the 9 February 2009 and repeated on August 17, 2009 when hits to Bindon’s Wikipedia page peaked at 6,100 on that day as against a daily average of 100 viewings. The Princess and the Gangster was part of the Toffs and Crims series.

In September 2010, Franklyn McCabe’s play,
“Ten Men: The Lives of John Bindon”, with Matthew Houghton playing Bindon, was staged at the Open House, Brighton.

In 2005, Wensley Clarkson published a biography of Bindon entitled Bindon: Fighter, Gangster, Actor, Lover – the True Story of John Bindon, a Modern Legend (London: John Blake. ISBN 1-84454-116-9).

On the inside sleeve of the LP Maladjusted the singer Morrisssey had printed, “John Bindon 1943–1993.”

John Bindon’s Obituary from The Independent 

John Bindon on Wikipedia

From Lisa Robinson’s fabulous diary about touring with Led Zeppelin, in which she describes a violent incident between Bindon (and others) and legendary San Francisco promoter Bill Graham’s employee at a show in Oakland.

Also note the Crowley connection linking Jimmy Page to Donald Cammell. 

An article from the scandal sheet The Daily Mirror about an affair between John Bindon and Princess Margaret.